Clean Water and Sanitation

Water is a scarce resource for which there is no substitute.

Evidence shows that most villages in Zambia do not have an adequate and safe domestic water supply; the need is more acute in densely populated townships where the current infrastructure, if any, can no longer meet growing demand.

The quality and quantity of domestic water at the Flagship and its surrounding areas are far from satisfactory, exposing residents to various water-related challenges and risks. Of major concern is the high coli form count in both tap and well water.

Most people in this area live without access to adequate sanitation systems, causing unnecessary and preventable suffering as a result of exposure to water-related diseases.

Education and Sharing Skills

Supporting already established community schools. Many people lack the skills to find employment and cope with the challenges of independent living. We are developing a platform for people with skills to volunteer and share their skills, for example: teaching English or computer skills, showing someone how to write a C.V.  or how to cook a balanced meal.

Health Care

Organising clinics for the area. This will involve bringing volunteers in the medical field including dental and optical to run clinics during specific times. Arrangements are underway to adopt the local Government Clinic. This is support without getting involved in the details.

Nutritional Centre

Construction of a nutritional centre at which malnourished children will be fed.

Simple Financial Management training

A COL Finance Course has been designed to help people learn how to budget, write a business plan, save on their resources and reduce unnecessary expenditure.

Micro-Enterprise Developmental Opportunities

A revolving fund will be set up to provide small business loans of between £50 to £175 equivalent for those who qualify and have passed through the COL Finance Course.

Food for Work (FOODWORK)

A food based outreach project on the streets, this initiative involves working with the community to improve sanitation and bring order to the way they live, seeing volunteers undertaking practical work in areas that need support, for example, removing unwanted debris from market areas. This involves providing easy and simple work in the community and then giving the workers with food/clothes and company in a safe and supportive environment. FOODWORK is designed to act as a gateway project, helping the people to address the root cause of their lack of resources, homelessness or substance abuse. These people will not only receive food and clothes but also will be fed with the Gospel.

Breaking Cycles

Addressing cyclical issues of poverty and behaviour; offering front line help and hope for a different future. Our Breaking Cycles initiative includes offering dedicated on-going advocacy and mentoring support for those experiencing problematic drug and/or alcohol issues. Our vision is to see lives transformed and for people to discover their full potential.

Fundraising Champions

All this great work needs financing. Could you be a ‘Serving the poor champion’ and raise sponsorship in your work place, school or local community?

Join with us and get involved!